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I’m a creative, inspired yet methodical graphic designer and marketing specialist with more than 10 years of experience. I’m looking for a leadership position with an innovative company that, like me, wants to grow and push its boundaries. My experience includes branding and brand compliance, digital and print advertising, social media, video, development of marketing and growth strategies, event planning, client services, budgeting, and staff and resource management. I’m driven by a passion for helping clients communicate their mission, vision and values through art, form and channeled delivery to relevant audiences. To do that, I ask the right questions, think strategically, imagine possibilities and create simple, functional design that visually tells the story of a brand to the people who need to know about it. Recently re-certified in Google Analytics as well as a Social Media Marketing Certification. Gained expertise in  budgeting, delegating, event planning, digital advertising, video, and, social media. Looking to utilize existing skill set and grow with a driven, energetic, and innovative company.



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